Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sheer Pointelle Camisole OR Head over heels

Upcoming April 2007 show at Good For Her. I'm awful with titles.

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Anonymous said...

Hello to everyone, my name is Abdul-Azeez Mukhtaar, and I am in search of a very old and rare book called "The Jamijama". I know it exists from my grandfather, who told me about it many years ago, but I cannot seem to find any information at all.

A while ago, I was able to find this one isolated reference, although I am not entirely certain it is related:

I have been patiently searching for over 15 years, but recent events have made it neccessary for me to hasten my efforts. If you have ever heard of this book, The Jamijama, or can suggest any avenues for me to explore in my searches (libraries, message boards, etc) I would be most greatful.

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Abdul-Azeez Mukhtaar